Monday, May 5, 2008

Choice Rhetoric

That split second in which we forge our wills towards rapture. The painful divine and pure human vanity; it is the ethical, instinctual essence of reality.

Choice is our desperation and evolution; it is the admirable and inevitable chimera we live because, in a way, we are all fated. It is a means and a flow; it cannot be had but must be made, culpted.

Choice is not options, nor numerical goal, it can only diminish, or expand, ever-present. It is not A or B, a Happy Meal or extra-long, such comedy but starves a hunger so pure and yet pleasant.

Faced with infinity, will we stop given simple duality? Never in hell- for the sake of all passion, and creativity, I’ve known.

Choice is God and eternity; you have to believe in it. In humanity’s embrace, of this effort, choice is our happily ever after and our radiant destiny.

Savor this pride, for this, at least, we can count on.

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