Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Keep Your Temper"

At Arlo & Esme, the barista's name is Antonia. You'll get free refills, and there's benches outside, good lights, outlets, twelve black chairs and one small purple couch.

And, downstairs, there happens to be an absolutely gorgeous lounge, art deco. It's nice like that.

I just asked what the song before this one was; "Solo and Pala", by The Fashion. Then The Strokes, two songs then Reptilia.

I'm sleepy, dummy. In a way, it's great, resting and still up. Thoughts are simpler, slower;

I like my coffee. I like that I can like coffee, its an acquired taste and I feel all adultish cos' I really do like it now. I like that I like soy milk, too, but always, and I've poured some in my coffee.

Easy, right?
I just researched temper tantrums, and the debate between whether they are caused by rationalization or chemical weakness. The theory being that the higher brain functions (such as rationality and empathy) cannot overcome the lower brain functions (such as anger, or fear). Why? Mood depressants, mental disorders, alcohol, pot, exhaustion, brain exhaustion, lack of sleep, traumatic brain injury or environmental and parental factors that reinforce the behavior.

So what?

Doesn't tell you how to put up with them, or how not have them, either.

Doesn't say a damned thing.

Here's the best part- check a few of those- brain exhaustion and exhaustion- that kind of makes sense. Tired, are you? Nervous?

Facing facts: its easier to throw a temper tantrum than resolve the situation. Because you're tired. Because it's fucking hard to work through situations. It involves a lot of thought, and time. Then you can throw in all this effort... and still lose.

go figure.
but you kind of might as well try it (the patience thing), cos anger gets a bit boring after a while.

simple thoughts.
rolly lousy thoughts.

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