Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, you know I did it just to get you to laugh

Danielle once told me that I knew myself pretty well, least better than most people, and I certainly tried enough

I guess that's a compliment.

She thinks that we ought to learn as much as we can about ourselves, and that will give us a nice grounding in post-modern life.

(those last bits were my words- she would usually say something about being a happy, wholesome person- but I've already run this by her, she liked it lots by the way).

I do make sense, Honest.
Least most of the time, least to my self, least more than most peoples.
I usually do stuff for reasons,
Well, instincts at first
That most always morph into reasons, given five or twenty minutes to think.

And let's not get started on 'the world'
The world is insane.
It has at least 7 (?) billion perspectives in it,
At least,
And a whole bunch of math and science and physics stuff,
But seriously- 7 billion perspectives.
The world is ridiculous.
It makes NO sense.
It's funny.

In fact, it's kinda preferable that it doesn't, because I think there's a correlation between causation and depression.
I'm serious on that one.
I also think that existential crises are an STD.
They totally are.

When people start to make sense, completely, it's a bit of a disappointment. They are completely, and totally, manipulatable. Which is fun for about five minutes, or less, and then it's so fucking lonely, God.

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