Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Sightings On Wall Street

There was this girl outside some big building, and she's blonde, beautiful and incredibly well dressed. Real professional like. She's got this gorgeous watch, and this neat-looking sweater, and a great smile, and she pulls out a blackberry with a pink poly cover.

I really appreciate that.

I really, really do. I like to see that. It makes me happy, it's simple, but I notice. And I want to go up to her, and say, "Hey. My name's Marie Asinovski, I work over here. Look, thanks for doing that. I know you probably spend a lot of time buying your clothes, and doing your hair, and getting shit for having a pink blackberry. But please, never let that get to you, because it's so cool to walk down wall street and see someone like you. It's inspiring- you make business look fun, and it's making a huge difference, trust me".

But that would be awkward.

Instead, I say, "Hey. This is really random...sorry..but I like your outfit. You look fantastic. I just wanted to tell you that."

It's a start. She definitely smiled.

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