Saturday, December 6, 2008


“Can they breathe in there?” I asked, as Caleb and I stared at the jars on the table. Caleb shrugged.
“Unfortunately,” he sighed, picking up a stray which had just hit the floor.

“Who’s that?”
“Beezlebum” said Caleb.
“Hmm?” I asked. I racked my head for some connection, anything familiar with “be” “ezle” or “bum” but all that came up was “beetlejuice” “basil” and “that bum on the sidewalk”.
One of the most surprising things about the imp is that they are rather thin, despite their gluttony. She’s got this impish quality about her. Fangs- of course,
She’s skinny, but not in the nice, graceful way. Lump for a stomach.

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