Monday, July 2, 2007

I wish I could write in Russian

It’s surely a more comprehensive language. More painful, romantic, starving, wretched. English is the creator of only economic terms- good for writing of strikes and matches and sweet transitional nothings. The moment you can’t traverse, transfer or tally something, it’s a waste of paper- and ink, or print, loose-leaf, or LCD screen pixels and watts.

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lunacht said...

Her name was Anastasiya, 18 yrs. old ballroom dancing champion from Astana, Kazakhstan. After school I could always find her at the computer lab--where she types, types, and types emails to her friends back home. After helping with switching to Russian keyboard on Widows (which she found very relieved instead of painstakingly eagle-stroking on the English keyboard), I sat next seat and told her my favorite Russian poet (the name I can definately remember) and pulled out a page of his poems. She read them aloud with her huge black eyes glistening as I very professionally pronounced each Russian letter for the first time (next time it was Russian tutoring lesson before school). That's when we thought starting a ballroom dancing club in a Christian school surrounded by cornfields in Indiana.