Sunday, July 1, 2007

Philip Lorca diCorcia (Postmodern Photography) late 80's, early 90's

Great America hates certain veins and sweat, breeding tired boys struck for cash by the side of the road..... Maybe.

diCorcia paid hustlers (male hookers), as well as addicts and drifters (in the middle of the NEA vs. Mapplethorp controversy) to pose for pictures. With federal grant money. He approached them, asked them if they would sell there time. He paid "the same amount as their usual work".
They worked with lighting and propping and detailing, and told diCorcia their Names, and Ages.

And Prices.

40$, 35$, 20$, 75$

They were posed in sultry poses, harsh light, mirrrors and windows, symbology,

He's done the same with strippers, when there's suspended in strenght againts blackness, perpetually falling.

Does reality exist here in a hollywood saturated land? Or appear? It's more than just glorified imagery though- that precise mockery is more interesting than a snapshot candid of someone's real life. Postmodernism is that blur between Truth and Illusion....does it matter in the slightest? There's more to learn with confusion.

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