Thursday, July 12, 2007


Went to the MFA, hated Hooper, found amazing American, German and French artists, met Kelalie’s English class, started a Dance Party (in the MFA), twice, did cartwheels (in the MFA) and discovered a secret passageway (still in the MFA).

Heard a great local band play in Davis Square (, ran into an NYU friend, befriended a group of leftyliberalcambridgites at Store 24 discussing vodka mixers and outfits

Met an army recruiter, argued with the army recruiter, got lost in Newton trying to find a gas station, had two intense emotional conversions.

Smoked a pack of cigarettes, made a pair of pants into cutoffs, cleaned my car/house/life, worked three hours for Share and wrote four articles for Allison. Read the Wall Street Journal.

And this is the absolute bare minimal level of activity/novelty necessary to keep me happy for a day. Or maybe just the dance party endorphins. If I ever leave New York, I'll move to Cambridge.

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