Monday, June 2, 2008

names -not- been changed to protect anyone's weak identity


let's pretend there's this line. let's call it "personal" (as in, "that's personal, thank you very much").

Below this line is all stuff that happens between people. All of it.

Uh...well, within reason, of course. For example, "Well, I had a great conversation with my friend today, and they said...".....See, now, that's totally fine, right?

But it would be strange to even say, randomly, "Chris said today...", because that would require explaining Chris, my friend, who I met at so and so and this and that. Otherwise it's out of context.

Unless everyone knows Chris, of course.

That's not it, though.

I know that I have some realm of experience that I don't want everyone to know about. Not things that are necessarily bad, per say, just... I don't know, mine. Mine.

For example, Jeongki yelled at me the other day for leaving Mike alone at a party for 40 minutes. I don't know where he found the authority to do that. It was kinda obnoxious,

"Thanks, dad," I'd say, or, "Look, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Because, here's the thing: you really don't. You what you're talking about.
Hint: I know.
Hint: I am not stupid, that has occurred to me.
Hint: Obviously, there was something that made me go through with the action, anyway.
Hint: I know more about my friends, and my life, then you do.

Feel free to assume that I was simply inconsiderate, or wrong. I am certain that there is infinite wisdom, and accuracy, in your judgment.

Or not.

My relationship with Mike, like anyone, is personal. It is not formulaic, and I am not about to follow your set of social codes to maintain my friendship. You may be right, I acted improperly, but you are in no position to judge that, my friend.
If there's a concern, I'll ask him. Not you. Thanks."

Um.... I think that was a practice round.

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