Friday, August 29, 2008

Feels like it.

Lucky laughs at me. Want to know why?

I compliment him, on his tastes, or his outfit, but he shakes his head: It was random.
At a thrift store, bottom of my closet, just threw it on, thought it would look good. And I think he makes decisions, how funny.

He's not comfortable, so he's laughing, it's because he's a Liar.

Whore, liar- don't laugh, Lucky, you're no coward.

It's a sad kind of laughter; he thinks I'm impressed with the feat. I'm not.

I still see it, I'm simply bringing my notice attention, that's all.
Stating my case; 'you did that on purpose'. Didn't you?

I don't expect he'll answer, I just hope he agrees. If he's laughing, perhaps it will stick to him. Two teaspoon of pride, add tonic, stir, and garnish: medicine.

Remember my faith, kid, and find strength in it. This little girl thinks you're great. Think for yourself. 'Lil girl thinks you're smart. Don't worry, she's got your back. Go for it, whatever it is.

He just laughs, though. It is kinda an awful lot to handle.

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