Monday, July 21, 2008

5/4 (Gorillaz)

What the fuck?

I'm torn between complete contempt, and....honestly, wondering i
f this is kind of on to something.

Eh, g
rouping together sex, alcohol, drugs, processed food and caffeine is sort of annoying. Not necessarily inaccurate, just mildly irritating. In my bluestockings-bent mindset, sex isn't supposed to be consumptive, not in the way one can buy a bottle of beer or smoke a cigarette.

On a historic note, it has its roots as a creative activity.

In modernity, however, we're raised to see sex as an addictive, consumptive term- and i
f that's the experience, whatever-the-fuck-is-'natural' is boot. I'm inclined to say that if sex makes you a jealous, unproductive, craving monster, that's a conceptual problem. It will not be solved by removing toxins from your liver.

from a person- not even an activity, but a person- implies seeing them as inherently consumptive. Taking the viewpoint that being your sexual partners is functionary, or servicing, is inherently obnoxious. Extremely obnoxious. That's not judgmental; everyone, including, embarrassingly, me, can and has taken this viewpoint. The intellectual free-willers we all try to be....commoditized sex is a lot to take head on.... I'm not changing that sentence, though now I've read it twice.

In a completely (I swear! On my honor, I swear!) totally unrelated note, I'm checking out detox in general. Juice can't hurt and I need to do something drastic i
f I plan to live past twenty-two, I suspect. Apart from inane amounts of running and strangely reasonable quantities of sleep, my body is still totally fucked up.

Actually, wait- may I brag? I quit smoking. Yeah, thanks, buy me a pony.

I mean, give me some credit, I've gone
from twenty a day till....Friday? 4 Saturday? 2.5 Sunday? 1.75.

Oh, and I've been drinking and re
filling the magic water.

Yesterday, I went to a deli at 7:30 to buy a pack. Conditionally at the time, I knew I probably "shouldn't" go on such a long and lonely venture (previous experience, kids), so I kept saying "I trust mysel
f, I trust myself, I trust myself" the whole way under my breath. I was uptown, and they were all $9.75. Ew. So I bought jasmine-vanilla scented water instead, a $2.00 treat. I was born to kill my money, ok?

And what happened? Only the most magical morning ever. Well, peace.


Brad said...

Hooray for well-being. I say you go the (other) villager route and start yoga along with various Eastern influenced spiritual practices, drinking tea, getting into pseudo-___, and go vegan. Rather than smoking, you'll now be lighting incense. Instead of running, you'll be stretching. Instead of drugs and rock 'n roll, you'll be meditating. The sex stays though, of course. Could be a good time.

mihir kelkar said...

hey, good for you! will-power is great. i'll have to figure out where i can get me some of that.

you're ideas about commodity and consumption are interesting. give me some time to sit on that and we'll discuss.

mihir kelkar again said...

well for such the self-proclaimed "writer" i sure seem to have a knack for mistyping "your".

change "you're" to "your."

that's just disgusting, i'm sorry, hahahah.